½ David Harvey: Emancipation from What and from Whom?, 19th May 2011, Subversive film festival (by SkriptaTV)

As far as I am aware there is no public figure of the left speaking out today about the crisis, its whys and wherefores, social effects and political implications, no other spokesperson for our side who has such an incisive and full analysis and clarity of explanation as David Harvey. The animation that was doing the rounds last year of his talk at the RSA shows this quite beautifully. It is not merely that he speaks clearly, his thoughts seem to already have a complete and comprehensive structure so that the animation just sketches visually what happens in your brain when you listen to him speak. The video on the left is a tremendous example of this, a fifty minute primer on exactly what is going on today and exactly how we should respond.

I was lucky enough to meet him a couple of years ago and can confirm that he is also a very nice man who has just as profound a love of crisps as Stewart Lee’s granddad. Unfortunately I never got to introduce him to Caetano Veloso though. However, he did tell me he had never heard of José Saramago, something I was then able to quote in my dissertation, which was nice.

by Rich

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