Deniers R’ Us Set to Close with Loss of Two Jobs

Given that more people read this blog than are ever likely to find themselves on the Independent website, I thought it was important to give greater diffusion to this piece of good news. The International Policy Network, a mercenary think tank (as if there were any other kind) whose slogan is ‘If it exists, we’ll deny it!’ has decided to give up the ghost. There are several possible reasons for this. One is that they have decided that they have been wrong all along, but this is unlikely as they must have known this in the first place. Another is that they would like to avoid a scandal, given that there is, unlike the majority of ‘institutions’ that argue against climate change science online, more to their operation than one guy sitting in a bedsit in Acton or Bumfuck Arizona surrounded by used tissues, ie. they are not a marginal group of weirdos (although they are weirdos) but an integral part of the Conservative Party establishment, as the article details (they are also of impeccable neoliberal provenance). The third possibility is that they no longer find it profitable; they did lose a lovely juicy contract with Exxon Mobile a few years back, Phillip Morris no longer returns their calls, and attempts to expand their operation by claiming that cars do not emit exhaust fumes and that cows are an optical illusion did not meet with success. But I have heard another explanation, a rumour that the brother and sister duo, who are clearly very, very, very devoted to each other, have wound down their organisation in order to return to their first love, a cause close to their hearts, under the name of the Civil Institute for Objective Holocaust Research, in conjunction with a similar yet oddly still little-known operation, run from plush headquarters somewhere between Ealing and Shepherd’s Bush in West London, which is said to be always on the lookout for similar opportunities and whose rates are said to be ‘reasonable’.

by Rich

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