Let’s be honest: this godawful situation is not *entirely* Theresa May’s fault


This morning I wrote a piece blaming Theresa May herself for the current deadlock. Hence I didn’t expect much of her evening statement. Like anyone else I half-hoped she’d blow her brains out on camera; there was also a tiny part of me (I won’t say which) that entertained the hope she’d just say fuck you and fuck this whole fucked-up process, I’m revoking this shit as soon as I get back in there (points at door).

Nevertheless, I have to admit that something in her manner and tone convinced and…charmed me. OK that’s obviously not true, but I think I now understand her logic in a way that wasn’t apparent to me before. To explain what I mean (whatever do you mean??) I present here some uncontroversial facts about Brexit. Although Theresa May herself may be in denial about some of them, they may once assembled reveal something about how she makes sense of what she’s trying to do:

1) Whatever May wants to believe, MPs can’t vote for or against the deal again, it’s against parliamentary rules. There are ways around this, but they take more than a week.
2) Emmanuel Macron has already declared that his government will oppose an extension. (UPDATE: These first two facts are no longer facts.)
3) The only people who support No Deal are Nigel Farage (a lifelong fascist whose brand-new party just turned out, and who woulda guessed it, to have yet another fanatical racist for a leader (wherever does ‘e find ’em??)); some Tory megalomaniacs who really don’t need to be named; the noted political philosopher Donald Trump Jr (and we all owe a vote of thanks to the Daily Telegraph newspaper for granting us an insight into his, er, insights); thirty bedraggled ex-BNP morons last seen dawdling half-heartedly towards Berwick; and, last but not least, a dwindling number of football hooligans (the season is after all starting to come to a climax, which is oddly enough the same reason Nigel Farage had to cut short Monday’s photo session and go and sit huddled up on that bus). It would be nice to add the SWP et al to this as a mere joke, but – and they would be delighted to see this acknowledged – their typically opportunistic misreading of the situation is actually (for the very first time in the history of the 38th International!) having an impact on historical events (by helping with the realisation of the consolidation of a global far-right project of the sort that Leon Trotsky might probably on reflection have opposed, but never mind that for the time being).
4) The Kyle/Wilson Amendment would resolve the deadlock, but I refer you to point 1) and point 5).
5) Jeremy Corbyn is as thick and as obstinate as week-old dog shit during a drought. What the fuck was walking out of that meeting all about?! Fucking prick.
6) Anyone looking in from the outside will quite reasonably judge May to be dishonest, stupid, stubborn and arrogant. However, without straying too far into Devil’s Advocate territory, it is useful to consider how she sees herself. For example, it’s unlikely that someone so mendacious would be aware of her duplicity. Similarly, with regard to her stupidity – the Times columnist and former Tory MP Matthew Parris gave a personal account this week of just how dim she really is – it’s worth paying attention to what Messrs Dunning and Kruger have to say about that. Like many stupid people, her ignorance begins with not knowing how stupid she is. As for her stubbornness and arrogance, she almost certainly takes any comments about her inability to (for example) revise her ‘red lines’ as a tribute to her tenacity and steadfastness in the face of others’ weakness and prevarication.
7) May’s deal is the only existing version of Brexit. As she established as soon as she took power in 2016, her Brexit is the only one that matters. That’s how she thinks, and in a way – and it’s important to bear in mind here that she is a) basically psychotic in her devotion to the fortunes of the Conservative Party (an absolutely disgusting institution which only exists to preserve and promote inequality) and b) a ideological authoritarian and racist piece of shit – she’s not wrong. After all, her party allies, Members of Parliament, and the ‘ordinary people’ Rupert Murdoch keeps introducing to her to via Sky News all keep insisting that they really, really want something called ‘Brexit’. She’s now negotiated Brexit and presented it to them, but it turns out they don’t want it. And yet still the same people keep telling her they really, really, really want this thing called ‘Brexit’… Remember that she, unlike any normal person, actually believes that Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Raab et al genuinely have the best interests of the Party (that is to say, the country) at heart; thus is she trapped in a loop, condemned to repeat the whole process until Doomsday. Or next Friday, whichever comes sooner. In the meantime, it’s unfortunate, to say the very least, that she’s far too stupid and arrogant to see that blaming and insulting MPs is not the most effective means of getting them to vote for her deal.
8) Of course May’s dishonesty, stupidity, arrogance and stubbornness have contributed an enormous amount to getting us into this dire mess. But. There’s an emerging narrative that puts all the blame on her and makes out that her Withdrawal Agreement represents a distorted and deficient shadow of the pure, perfect, platonic ‘Brexit’. Those of us who oppose both her proposed deal and any other form of ‘Brexit’ need to resist this tendency, one which will become more pronounced over the next months as the broader consequences of the vote start to be felt in everyone’s daily life. In the end, it’s not Theresa May’s deal that’s the problem, it’s the entire project of leaving the EU that’s at fault. Her deal is Brexit, or to put it in even pithier terms: Another Brexit is not possible. Given that her own deal is universally hated and has no means of being ratified, and given that members of her cabinet are already wanking themselves into a frenzy at the prospect of all those body bags filling up with corpses of the poor, there is only one possible solution: for Parliament to step up and revoke Article 50 immediately.

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