Brexit/”Lexit” supporters issue furious denials as Revoke petition reaches six million


Advocates of Britain’s departure from the European Union have reacted with fury and scorn to the news that the petition to the Government to revoke Article 50 has nearly six million signatures.

“It must be fake”, said Eddie Dingler. “There’s no way six million people have signed that. Show me the evidence. No, not that evidence. I mean…other evidence.”

“I’m happy to accept that there may have been at least one million upper middle class fascists on the march in London on Saturday, said Lexit supporter Johnny Rees. ”But that number, six million, just seems…suspicious in some way.”

One pro-Brexit tweeter claimed he had “documentary proof” that the six million figure had been fabricated, while Ulster Brexiteer called the petition “riddled with fraud”.

Chernobogu, also on Twitter, responded angrily to Donald Tusk’s claim that “We can’t ignore the 6 million signatures for the Revoke Article 50 petition”. He went on: “How do we know that those people exist, or indeed have ever existed? What evidence is there that the petition itself ever took place? I’ve seen aerial photographs that show beyond any possible doubt that the site of the petition has been agricultural land since at least the 1830s.”

Leading Brexit supporter David Irving is due to give a tour of the alleged petition site on Thursday, during which he will provide incontrovertible evidence that six million people cannot have signed it. There will then be a short talk by Professor Matthew Goodwin entitled ‘All hail Salvini, il nuovo duce’. Tickets can be purchased on the SWP website.

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