One of the most popular (or at least most visited) posts on this site is called ‘French nudists and freak tornados on the Oaxaca coast’. It gets dozens of hits a day because it has the word ‘nudists’ in the title. I know this because I can see what people search for to arrive here. The article in question is an account of a two-week beach holiday me and my wife enjoyed in Mexico, one which briefly mentions that we inadvertently stayed in a clothing-optional hotel. It then goes on to recount the tornado that passed by us and relates it to global changes in the climate.

Ah, that word. You’ve stopped reading now. Bye bye. Nice while it lasted, cheerio. Que te vaya bien.

Of course, although the Oaxaca piece is tagged ‘Climate Change’, no one has ever found it by searching for that term, and no one in the whole sorry history of the internet has ever clicked on such a tag. Why would they? It would be depressing.

I once read an excellent piece (sadly now untrackdownable*) called ‘Why climate change will never go viral’, which pointed out that the topic is essentially taboo on social media. If you have any doubts about that, post any article whose title contains that phrase. If it gets more than 5 likes or retweets and sparks a discussion to which at least two people other than yourself contribute, do a screenshot, attach it to an email and I will send you $15 USD via Paypal.

All hail, then, the new US President, who, whether we on reflection feel comfortable about it or not, is doing us an enormous favour. His actions in reversing Obama’s already very limited regulations on climate-disturbing activity will make us wake up to what’s happening and form a dynamic mass movement to finally – it’s never too late! – address this existential threat once and for all. HA!, only joking! (not sure why, no one is reading this any more ’cause it’s about climate change). The favour he’s doing us es otro – viz. making the whole topic go away so we don’t have to think about it any more. You may think you don’t want him to do this, but (pantomime voice) OH YES YOU DO!!!

Now that the heroic measures taken on our behalf by Mr Trump and the representatives of oil companies standing right behind him have been, er, not sure where this sentence is going actually, but it doesn’t matter as no one’s reading this because it’s about Climate Change, or NOIRTBIACC for short.

As for your kids, well, I’m just as sure as you are that even though we can’t bring ourselves to mention the very subject, they’re probably learning about it at school, or if not, they’ll be busy educating themselves by watching Ted Talks, or something. Anyway, who cares? The whole thing’s probably illegal to talk about now in any case. Muchas gracias, Señor Trump.


* the person who wrote it probably got murdered by the NWO as part of the cover-up of the link between chemtrails and the fact that Asian people don’t drink milk (one for the Infowars crew there).