Welcome to my world, if you’re not already part of it. I’m a teacher and examiner from Sheffield, England, and I’ve lived in seven different countries: the UK, Ireland, Portugal, China, Spain, Mexico and Italy, which is where I live at the moment. I started this site in a red mist of pure fury immediately after the election of that psychotic orangutan in November 2016. I hope you will find what you read here original, insightful and entertaining. I’m always interested in receiving comments, corrections and suggestions for other things to read and write about. This, for example, was the result of a reader request.

Anything here from before November last year has been imported from my previous blogs (without the comments). In order to avoid your having to wade through lots of ill-considered rants about Jeremy Corbyn and diatribes about climate change aimed at no-one in particular, here are six things I’m particularly proud to have written:

The Great “Earthquake” Swindle

New Radical English

French nudists and freak tornados on the Oaxaca coast

In Defence of People Smugglers

On Spitting and Staring

Torreón: What Connects Isis and Mexican Drug Cartels? (NB: contains a surprising amount of jokes)

You’ll be pleased/disappointed to hear that none of the above mentions Donald Trump.

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NOTE TO TROLLS: Dear “alt-right” trolls, inspired by the shining example of your Randian Godhead, who surpasseth us in all achievements, particularly those involving the higher intellectual faculties of Mankind, I am deleting any comments which contain terms I don’t like. If you’re at all unhappy about that, I suggest you go to the nearest bathroom and have yourself a little cry, and then maybe ask your mommy to take you to live in that nice Mr Putin’s country, where basic human rights such as freedom of expression and the right to asylum are, as I’m sure you’re aware, meticulously respected.