My First Podcast!

In honour of my 30th post, and my upcoming 30-somethingth birthday, here is a 3-part recording of interviews with my 1st year university students about questions such as: Who was China’s greatest leader, Which Chinese people are most famous around the world, and Which events in recent Chinese history are best known in other countries.

Unfortunately due to general ineptitude on my part and poor equipment (see above) the sound quality is not fantastic. It sounds like I was shouting the questions, but I don’t think I was.

Part a: The students talk about Zhao Ziyang, once they’ve got over my mangling of his name; their admiration for Zhou Enlai and Chairman Mao; along with some terrible editing and spectacular coughing.

Part b: The Liberation of China; the death of Zhou Enlai; Deng Xiao Ping in Hawaii; and how to say pretty much anything in Japanese.

Part c: What happened if Deng Xiao Ping walked round your house; and how long it will be before China has a female leader.

***** UPDATE *****
After problems with the site they were being hosted on, I’ve moved them back to, which is only good for a limited amount of downloads, so if that runs out email me and I’ll repost them as soon as I can.

Just in case the original links are working (it seems to be a question of browser compatability), the original links (unlimited downloads) are here: Part a, Part b and Part c.

Apologies for all the messin’ around.

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