Ensaio Sobre A Angola

The thing I’m trying to write at the moment is just getting more and more involving and I might never finish it; if I do it will also contain more links than the internet. When I was in Portugal a couple of weeks ago the press was full of articles about the Prime Minister’s visit to Angola, along with 300 empresarios, looking to take advantage of Portugal’s past, erm, connections with the country in order to grab a slice of the action. This was followed by a huge article in the magazine VISÃO (which I picked up at the airport) about China’s industrial, financial and commercial (but not yet cultural, oddly enough) takeover of the country. It set me thinking about Angola’s past masters and their future ones…as I say, it may just stay in my head, driving me mad until I actually get it done. I am sure it has been very much in the heads of Angolans recently, maybe I’ve accidentally read their minds.

I might just spend the entire afternoon at work tomorrow getting it done. My boss is away for a week in Portugal, oddly enough. I could chat about it all morning with my Somali students, but I’d have to teach them the word ‘history’ first. And ‘China’.

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