We want President TRUMP, not “President Bannon”!

Did you vote for this man to be President?!

Did you vote for Donald Trump to be President of the United States of America? So did hundreds of millions of your fellow citizens. They were inspired by his rallies, his crushing victories in the so-called debates and his simple but powerful message: Let’s make America great again. As a result, last November, through the medium of the electoral college and in the face of vast opposition from the liberal media and the political establishment in Washington, he won. He won the right to serve in the greatest office on the planet as leader of the free world and most powerful man on earth.

Who, then, is “President Bannon“?

That’s the name that’s been trending on Twitter all week. It’s also the man whose face you’ll see on the cover of this week’s Time magazine, accompanied by the headline ‘The Great Manipulator’.

That’s not what you voted for in December.

It’s not who you chose to be President.

Now, Donald made a smart choice in picking Bannon as his Chief Strategist. The man has a number of attributes which should appeal to any Trump voter. He’s fanatically racist, boasts an impressive history of violence against women, and has the face of a 75-year-old pedophile alcoholic priest. Such a man is ideally placed to be the second in command in Donald Trump’s administration.

But not the first. Not no. 1. After all, whoever he might be, Steve Bannon did not win the election. He wasn’t the man you chose to bring jobs back to America, frack under your houses and build a wall to stop Muslims pouring into the country from China. But if other countries hear the rumors that it is he, not Donald, who is leading the country, who is taking key decisions that it is the job of the President himself and alone to take, then they will not respect the man you voted for, and the libtards who were so shaken up by his historic victory* will continue to make out that Trump is little more than a witless, barely literate and probably incontinent orange-skinned frontman for far more powerful and shadowy forces.

Something is wrong, and something has to change.

It’s up to you to make that change. It’s up to you to insist as loud as you can that no one but Donald Trump, the man you chose to be President, should be sitting in the Oval Office ruling the country and the world, waiting for the phone to ring so Vladimir Putin can tell him what to do next. Bannon may the ideal person for running far-right fake news operations or managing the disposal of porcine waste on a major agricultural facility, but HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT. So repost this article wherever you can. Get on Twitter and tell the world: Bannon must go. We want Donald Trump in charge of everything. At all times. No manipulation. No delegation. No advice on bewilderingly complex issues which would tax the expertise of even experienced politicians, let alone an overgrown fratboy sociopath who’s never read the Constitution, doesn’t understand the role of the Supreme Court and would struggle to locate the Washington Monument on a map.

If that means that Donald Trump should go without sleep for four to eight years, so be it. That’s what you voted for. Accept no substitute. Bannon must go. Trump must govern. Alone.

The hashtag to use is #TrumpNotBannon.

Let’s make this happen.


*Although not in terms of numbers of the popular vote, obviously.

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