“Not just the Rothschilds”: Wikileaks reveals truth about Macron

In a not-quite-a-shock move designed to shift the balance of the French Presidential Election in favour of the candidate who denies the Holocaust, Wikileaks (previously renowned as a media transparency organisation, now more widely regarded as an amalgam of mercenary hacking collective, source of digital forgeries which benefit the far-right and rape cult) has published documents that prove “conclusively” that “former Rothschild usurer” Emmanuel Macron is connected to a “secret conspiracy to dominate the planet”. 

Describing the revelations as “extraordinary and unprecedented”, cupboard-dwelling Wikileaks founder and aspiring Bond villain Julian Assange said that the documents raised “very serious questions” about the long-term goals of Macron and other “globalist neoliberals” such as George Soros “and various other jews”.

Assange also stated that as a proven and powerful ally of “at least three major world leaders”, the chances of his getting away “scott-free” with raping a “reasonable” number of women were now looking “very much improved, thank you for asking”. He then, to giggles from a number of male Wikileaks colleagues, added the words “allegedly raping”. In response to a question about the global implications of enabling a lifelong fascist to be elected as leader of one of the world’s most powerful countries, Assange replied that he found it “funny”. Asked about connections between his organisation and the Kremlin, he smirked and said “no comment” in what appeared to be a comedy Russian accent.

The Wikileaks tranche of emails relating to Emmanuel Macron (released as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Breitbart website and the Office of the Presidency of Russia) can be found here.

P.s. Someone has responded to this written-on-the-bus-in-five-minutes-in-a-blind-rage piece of hot-take satire by pointing out that Assange has claimed Wikileaks has nothing to do with the slurs against Macron. The fact that he was threatening three months ago to do exactly this suggests very strongly that he’s lying. He will do and say literally anything to get out of that cupboard (except face trial on several well-substantiated rape charges, obviously).

2 thoughts on ““Not just the Rothschilds”: Wikileaks reveals truth about Macron

  1. When first reading this my initial reaction was that I wasn’t surprised. At the end I was surprised that I wasn’t surprised because I thought myself a little fairer in evaluating hyperbole, a little more cute to the noise. I am not. I’m just like everyone else – susceptible. I want my nuance back! One of the children listening to my tales said, “My mum’s voted Brexit because she doesn’t like foreigners, except the ones she knows and the ones she hasn’t met yet.” (True). I scoffed. I won’t scoff again. Still, it’s getting a little less opaque; we always knew who the baddies are, what’s clearer is what they are capable of. Which is why I visit your superb blog every day. Many thanks.

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    1. Wow, I’m bowled over that you should say so, thanks very much!!! Yes indeed what absurd times and the frenetic nature if social media makes it very hard to hang onto nuance, to notice and respect details. I’ve got a bad habit of writing ‘hot takes’ on things when a bit of reflection would be preferable. But how does one reflect on statements like the one you mention? It defies rational contemplation. Your site by the way is great, as a teacher and new parent I’ve often thought about improving my storytelling skills so will track down a couple of your books. Many, many thanks to you 🙂


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