Happy Birthday, my blog

148577-happy-birthday-imOn November 12 last year I hammered into my keyboard a series or more or less consecutive thoughts inspired by my rage and frustration at Trump’s election, chose an apposite-sounding name and this blog was born. Now six months have passed…oh wait…seven. Shit.

Dang, that’s a shame. I had a whole gala event lined up for this occasion. Sleaford Mods were scheduled to do a short set, Neil Tennant was going to apologise for releasing ‘Winner’ and Hillary Clinton was flying in to give a speech on the need to press on with the neoliberal project (“we will continue…until not a tree is left standing from Tashkent to Toronto…in no valley on earth will any stone be left unturned…just in case…there might be any money under it” – that’s from an advance copy, it’s dynamite stuff). Although Slavoj Žižek was unavailable (doing a fundraiser for the Golden Dawn, apparently), Jean-Luc Mélenchon had agreed to be here in hologramic form performing “Je ne regrette rien” and Thomas Pynchon was all set to act out scenes from ‘V.’. I’d also hoped to be able to announce my millionth visitor to this site. All those plans will now have to be abandoned, like tears…in rain.

To be fair, a million visitors in such a short time was probably wildly ambitious. As it is the site has welcomed a mere, paltry and derisory (checks bottom of page for first time ever) 906,917. Now, some of those came here to read this, but by no means all. Only 89.52638444311883%, in fact. Here are the most popular posts on this site:


…which puts things into some perspective. I don’t think there’s anything there that technically qualifies as clickbait, with one obvious exception, which in any case was both a joke and a semi-serious point and served as a sort of trailer for the piece that followed it. Amidst all the other stuff here there is inevitably a combination of edgelordism, hot takes, virtue signalling, circular logic and various other fallacies, some obvious examples of what annoying people have taught me is called social justice warrior-ism, but also lots of stuff I’m actually proud of. I started this site in a spirit of anger and I’m ending it (except I’m not) with feelings of gratefulness and/or gratitude towards all those who’ve visited and offered comments/likes/praise/constant and invaluable conjugal support 🙂 and etc.


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