2 thoughts on “From the ridiculous to the sublime

  1. We have now been waiting since late April for a post. We’ve had weddings, bombings, border murder, hostile environments, etc. and nothing from you. Why? Too busy. Have you joined senior management at St Gove’s Academy for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence (with special responsibility for frontal adverbials)? We need the precision of your needle sharp rage. Lots of material out there – perhaps that’s the problem, maybe too much. We don’t need any more resentment stoking, we get that from everyone else. Give us your usual ‘normal guy looking around thinking fuck’ – it always leads to a deeper consideration of what’s really going on. And always funny. Richard, drop the child for half a day and go walking around the city. Come back, whiskey, trusty Remington, your favourite Hall and Oats album, quiet room – then get on with it. You can’t show your ankle then leave the disco like Sly and the Family Stone. People are relying on you.
    Zizek Shitehawk.


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