Govt to launch “LOOK OVER THERE!” initiative

A new nationwide campaign to encourage UK citizens and station visitors to stop paying too much attention to how Brexit is going has been launched tomorrow by Rail Minister Paul Maynard at London Waterloo.

Designed by government, police and the Associated Newspapers organisation, the new campaign aims to persuade people not to think about what their Government is up to and to raise awareness of the vital role the public can play in keeping themselves and others uninformed about the devastating effect Brexit is already having on their everyday lives.

Passengers arriving at major train stations tomorrow morning in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester will be among the first to hear updated security announcements and see posters promoting the new “LOOK OVER THERE!” campaign message.

Everyone who uses the rail network is also being urged to pick up a copy of Metro newspaper and concentrate instead on whatever distraction Sajid Javid has come up with that morning.

Rail Minister Paul Maynard said:

“We want to send a clear message to anyone starting to realise that they have been lied to that there are thousands of pairs of eyes and ears ready to anticipate any potential threat to Brexit and pretend journalists working for a pretend newspaper who are prepared to write whatever shit those in power want them to.

“Today’s campaign is aimed at our railways but the recent incident at Charing Cross station, where a Leave voter from Kent on his way to work finally put two and two together and realised this whole thing is a massive fucking con, reminds us just how important it is to be vigilant.

“If that individual had merely glanced at the headline of that day’s Daily Mail-owned freesheet, their anger would have been displaced from how atrociously Theresa May is handling this utterly misconceived project onto an appropriate Government-approved scapegoat. I would urge anyone who spots anything unusual to glance at the headlines of the most-read daily newspapers and to allow their attention to be deviated.”

BTP Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Alun Thomas said:

“Don’t be afraid to believe anything that feels out of place. We rely on misinformation from the tabloid press, Sky and the BBC to help us keep Brexit even remotely credible.”

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