Why I won’t be voting Labour anytime soon

Racist c*nt

I fear that anyone following my twitter feed this morning may well have inadvertently got the impression that I don’t like Jack Straw. Just to correct that most unfortunate impression, then: I f*cking absolutely detest Jack f*cking Straw. This is the man who sacked (and nearly drove to an early grave) Craig Murray so that the British government could continue to use evidence obtained under torture, and then lied about it in Parliament (as he also did about the justification of the Iraq War, of course). It is also the man who called the Human Right’s act a ‘villain’s charter‘, who told Muslim women constituents that he wouldn’t attend to their needs unless they flashed him their faces, and who has now, in the middle of an by-election campaign occassioned by the sacking of the utterly disgraced racist liar Phil Woollas, has spoken of white women being ‘easy meat’ for Pakistani rapists. Now obviously the sins of the father should never be visited on the head of the son, but it would be gratifying if up-and-coming Labour star Will Straw could bring himself to make a  statement distancing himself from his racist father (and political sponsor); otherwise, the legacy of New Labour racist left-baiting/Daily Mail-aping opportunist rhetoric may be seen to continue.

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