Mystery Romanian Tory donor condemns plans to privatise blood service

"Privatising the blood service is a frankly appalling idea"

A leading contributor to the Conservative Party has condemned Government plans to privatise the blood service.

Count Dracula made a donation of £50,000 to the Conservatives before the May 2010 election, but has now broken his anonymity in order to slam Tory austerity plans, calling them ‘a step too far’.

‘When I decided to help Mr. Cameron’s party in their election campaign, I understood that they would do their best to stand up for the interests of business leaders, robber barons and vampires like myself.

‘But hearing of the suggested privatisation of the blood and transplant service has appalled me. Such a move would be the height of irresponsibility. It is totally wrong for a private company to profit from those who volunteer to save lives. I find any suggestion of the private sector becoming involved in any elements of the NBS very disturbing.

‘We know from all the evidence that fragmenting services, outsourcing and contracting out, damages that ethos and more importantly damages the smooth running of the service.

‘How can Cameron and Lansley claim that the NHS is safe in their hands, when they are planning to literally drain its lifeblood.’

Count Dracula is 1,407 years old.

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One thought on “Mystery Romanian Tory donor condemns plans to privatise blood service

  1. If Cameron would like the blood transfusion service to be run for private gain, does he think volunteers will still come and give blood for free? If anyone should be making money from this it should be them.

    Paying donors is dangerous – a big enough incentive to attract people is also an incentive to lie about medical background. So its a pretty shit idea all round


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